Our Impact

Why we do what we do

We believe quality, style and function go hand-in-hand and we’re here to prove that towels (or any product designed by people who give a shit) can support people and the planet. 

How we deliver our why

Like you, we care about good design and how things are made. Our towels are made of recycled materials to reuse waste and raw material consumption and we use chemical-free dyes to reduce harmful substances being produced. We only use ethical manufacturers who provide fair wages and a safe work environment.

How you can help

Caring for people and the planet is what we do. We take positive action by donating a portion of proceeds from sales to help fund projects that support people and the planet.

Currently we’ve teamed up with Can Too, a not-for-profit organisation that supports cancer prevention and research. From October 8th to November 18th, we are donating 50% of proceeds to help fund cancer research. Read more about this epic initiative. 

It’s a team effort! So together we can make a difference through small positive actions which lead to big positive changes. Share Brazen Adventurer with your family, friends and community to get more people involved.

Be part of the solution by supporting the eco towel.