About Us

The #1 towel for every day

Brazen Adventurer redesigned the humble towel into an innovative and inspiring everyday item. Our stylish, compact eco towels are made of recycled materials and are chemical-free. They’re soft, light, super absorbent and fast drying which really saves you time and energy.

If you’re swimming, running, going to the gym or a yoga class, taking a weekend mini-break or a global trip of a lifetime, our towels have you covered! 

Why our towels are so great

  • Eco-friendly: Made of recycled BPA-free plastics and eco-friendly dyes.
  • Antibacterial: The fabric surface catches the smallest dust particles, enabling excellent decontaminating power – say goodbye to smelly, mouldy towels!
  • Super absorbent & fast drying: When wet the fabric pores expand which increases the surface area for higher water absorption and quicker drying.
  • Light & compact: The fabric is light, making it easy to carry on the go.
  • Colourfast: The strong dyeing process of the fabric provides the advantage of colour fastness when using and washing the towels.
  • Machine washable: The fabric construction creates pores that absorb dust between the fibres instead of inside the fibre, making it easy to clean.
  • No shedding: The use of warp-knitting technology reduces shedding to ensure longer lasting towels.  
  • Made ethically: Made by ethical manufacturers that provide fair work wages and a safe work environment.
An eco towel that’s ready when you are? Yes please!

Who’s behind the eco towel? 

Fallen Guthrie is the founder and designer of Brazen Adventurer. Fallen has a background in multidisciplinary design working in fashion design, graphic design and facilitating co-design. 
Fallen created Brazen Adventurer to encourage brazen living (being bold) and to support an eco-friendly lifestyle. She inspires others through the creation of the eco towel, Brazen Blog and by running ethical fashion workshops.
The “10 design principles of good design” forms the basis of Fallen’s design philosophy. This philosophy is woven into the eco towel where Fallen personally oversees offshore production to ensure eco-friendly and ethical practices are used across the entire manufacturing process.
When Fallen’s not encouraging others to live brazen and eco-friendly, she’s passionately working on game-changing co-design projects, volunteering to do creative writing with kids, travelling abroad and adventuring outdoors.