Why our eco towel will change your life

It’s no fun having high maintenance products rule your life. But the convenient, shitty option becomes appealing because trying to find a quality product takes time. We’ve found a few good resources to share with you of where to find better eco-friendly products and we’ve create one ourselves. Say hello to the Brazen Adventurer eco towel!  

At Brazen Adventurer we live and breathe quality over quantity. No we will not make shitty, high maintenance towels that don’t work with your busy lifestyle. So what we did instead was create a good quality, low maintenance towel that supports you.  

Why our towels are great for you

  • Saves you time and effort because they’re super absorbent and fast drying
  • Saves you space in your bag because they’re light and compact
  • Multifunctional and versatile so can be used for any activity or adventure
  • Eco-friendly and ethically made which benefits people and the planet

Who you’re helping with your towel 

  • People who make the towels by supporting a product made ethically
  • Planet by supporting a product that’s eco-friendly
  • Social businesses we support through the portion of profit we donate
  • Yourself! Because if you’re going to buy something it make it good quality! 

Of all these awesome reasons to have an eco towel in your life, ultimately we want to inspire you to live bold and adventurous and make journeying through life easier for you. Because it’s courage and action that are needed to design a better life and world. To make any kind of progress, we need to imagine a different reality and believe it’s possible, and this takes courage. So start with a eco towel and let’s imagine what else we can redesign!
To get an eco towel in your life today shop here. Thanks for your support! 

From, Team Brazen

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