Where to find better eco-friendly products

Trawling through information about where to find good quality eco-friendly products can be time consuming. However it can also be rewarding because by trawling through the information, reading various sources we can educate ourselves about what it means to be eco-friendly.

But if you don't have time for that and want to cut to the chase to find the better products available, here are a few place to find better eco-friendly products.

Not all products are made equal and not all companies have the resources to be certified by various organisations that provide, what can be, very expensive certification methods – not to say that this is a reason to avoid certification. However it's easy to see how smaller brands up against the likes of someone like Nike would find it difficult to compete in this space.

But what all brands and products can do is continue to work towards improving their products to achieve a closed loop solution. At Brazen Adventurer we're seeking solutions about how we can get the towel back from our customers to be taken back to textiles mills to be reused into another product, maybe another towel. For us it's important to find a way to reuse what we produce.

It's making the effort that counts because every small effort on scale can have big impact. So next time you need to buy a product, think about how and where you could buy a better version. Make every purchase count towards a better future!

If you have suggestions for great places to find eco-friendly products let us know be writing to us in the comments section below.

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