The real cost of plastic bags

With more supermarkets banning plastic bags, the reduction of plastic means we can look forward to a healthier future. There’s no need for single-use plastic bags when we have reusable bags available. But often it’s easy to forget to bring a reusable bag when we go shopping. Here's how to never forget a reusable bag ever again!

Avoid feeling guilty for not brining your reusable bag by doing these three actions and making it a habit.

  • Pack a reusable bag in the bag you carry every day
  • Pack a reusable bag in your car
  • Pack a reusable bag at work

Alternatively, if we can't remember to bring our reusable bags we could impose a financial penalty. In Ireland putting a 15c tax on plastic bags saw a 90% reduction of bags in one year. Clearly, financial penalties can be beneficial to encourage positive consumer behaviour.

When we stop using plastic bags we help to reduce the one million plastic bags being consumed every minute globally and reduce the 100,000 marine  animals that die yearly from plastic entanglement. Plastic ain’t so fantastic because it damages our environment. The solution is simple. Stop using plastic bags and remember to bring a reusable bag instead. 

To help solve the plastic problem here are other things you can do to help.

We're helping by using recycled plastics in our eco towels. Grab a towel today to support recycling plastic better.

Photo credit: Lance Grandahl @lg17

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