Solving the plastic problem in three simple steps

We've been conditioned to the convenience of having all the plastic we want, all the time. Bottled water, shopping bags and packaged food are conveniences we all use that are trashing our environment. There are simple things we can do about the plastic problem and when done consistently and collectively these actions will create the impact needed to give our kids a better future.

Here are three fundamental actions we can take right now to help solve the plastic problem:

  • Stop buying bottled water or drinks
  • Stop using plastic shopping bags 
  • Reduce buying packaged food

If these actions seem difficult let's think about the alternative situation if we continue doing these things in Australia alone:

It's easy to see that plastic really is a problem that needs solving. If we all stopped buying bottled drinks and shopping bags and reduced buying packaged food, globally this would have a huge impact. We live in an ecosystem which is why it's important for all of us to help. If we want a happier and healthier future for ourselves and our kids we need to make a start today.

Please join us by choosing to say no to plastic. Share this post with your friends, especially those who have kids, to help each other get out of this mess! Literally!

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