Running tips to help you get started

Running is a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy. You might think running isn’t for everyone but if this guy can do it maybe we could give it a go too! Watch this inspiring video that will make you think twice. 

If you think you can’t do something, you’re probably right. Alternatively, if you think you can you’re right as well. How we approach keeping ourselves healthy is a mindset. Whether you believe it or not it’s possible to start exercising in a way we enjoy. It only takes trying a few different things, sticking with the thing you like and changing to something different when you get bored. Running is a great activity that most people can do at a time and place that suits them. When starting a running routine there are three extremely valuable things you need to know that will save you money and save your body (especially your knees).

1. Get the right shoes
We’re all individual which means each person has a type of “strike” when running. How your foot falls when you run defines your strike which defines the type of shoe you’ll need in order to run well. There lots of research about the science of running. Based on what we’ve found, we can’t stress enough how important the correct footwear is to ensure you care for your body and avoid to many physio bills!

2. Start really small
When we get excited about starting a new activity it’s easy to go too hard, too soon. Always be easy on yourself and start small. This week run 3 kilometres, next week 4 kilometres and so on. While building up your distance don’t forget to track your cadence. What is cadence? It’s the pace which you run. A short, light stride with fast cadence is the best way to ensure you don’t hurt yourself. Build up to the distance gradually and keep track of your cadence to keep running like a pro!

3. Stretch like a boss
Get yourself a foam roller and make this your best-friend. You’ll have a few tight muscle from running as you increase your distance however by stretching you’ll really be able to run much better over the long-term. Stretching is great, not only while your running, but in general. Stretch out your body to release tension and

When you’ve got the right shoes, are building up your running and stretching properly your body will feel supported to continue running as an enjoyable activity, instead of being injured all the time. If you don’t feel motivated and fall off the bandwagon that’s okay every now and then, but make sure you get back into it again soon. Being healthy keeps us happy and as far as we’re concerned that’s plenty of motivation!

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