Outdoor workouts so easy that you can’t not

Do you find it difficult to stay motivated to stick with your fitness routine? Occasionally, we do too! It’s common for motivation to fluctuate with many activities we do, not only fitness. But let’s not be hard on ourselves about it. Let’s accept that maybe we’re not really enjoying the fitness thing we’re doing right now. Maybe it's time to try something new. Try these simple ideas on for size!

Fitness doesn't need to be difficult. We can simplify it by building it into our routine which makes it easier to stick with. Here are a few simple ideas for easy outdoor workouts:

  • Walk to and from work three days per week. Or factor walking into part of your work commute to exercise automatically without noticing.
  • Walk with a friend around your neighbourhood. It’s a great way to catch up with friends and move your body instead of being static, which we do at our work desks a lot.
  • Go for a jog around the nearest park to your home. It’s close, you only need some joggers and you're off! Don't talk yourself out of it before you've given it a go.
  • Checkout a hiking track that’s close to home. Get your friends together for a hike because time flys with good company. Before you know it you'll have finished a half or whole day of exercise!

The point of the exercise (pun intended) is to get your body moving by doing something you enjoy rather than it feeling like a chore. Activities that start to feel like a chore are short-lived. Sometimes we get bored and when we’re not enjoying our chosen fitness activity that’s an indicator to try something new. There’s always time to try a new adventure, we just have to do it!

Share your tips for getting fitness into your routine by writing in the comments section below. The more tips the better!

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