How many vacations can you take in one year?

If there’s one thing we all love, it’s a vacation! These days taking a vacation or staycation is a necessity to reinvigorate ourselves and come back to work and life refreshed. Taking time off can have health benefits like reducing stress to improve mental heath. When we feel healthy we typically perform better at work and in life. If you need an excuse for a vacation there it is! Here are some ideas to set yourself up for more vacations.

1. Prioritise your vacations
Most things happen if we prioritise them. Get out your calendar, look at the months ahead and decide when would be a suitable time to take a vacation. Sometimes it feels like there's never a "good" time to take a vacation because we're too busy. But at the end of the day work and life keep ticking on without us which means when you return from vacation maybe it won't have fallen apart without you. 

2. Spend less money on crap
Those of us fortunate to have an education to get a decent paying job can choose where we spend our money instead of simply trying to survive. When we choose to spend less on crap we really can fund more vacations without being in an obscene amount of debt. Decide to prioritise saving for vacations over buying a second soy latte.

3. Book your vacation and go!
Now that you've chosen a date for your vacation and prioritised saving for your vacation, go ahead and book your vacation! Getting in early to pay for the big tickets items like flights and accomodation can help reduce travel expenses. Don't wait for the "right" time because that could be never. There's only one way to make it happen and that's by doing it now.

How many vacations should you take per year?
As many as you like! Or as many as life permits. How many vacations do I take per year? Each year I take at least three vacations made up of long and short breaks. My vacation style is a mix of trekking mountains and cocktail sipping by the pool to ensure that while I'm away I feel inspired and relaxed. When I return home inspired and refreshed I’m ready for the next adventure in my daily routine. 

Now that you've prioritised taking a vacation and are saving better for one you're well on your way to being a healthier, happier person. There's nothing like taking a break every now and then to help us return to our daily routine with a fresh perspective.   

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