FAQS you need to know about our eco towel

When buying a product that’s made eco-friendly and ethical there’s no doubt you’ll have questions about how the product is made. It’s reasonable to ask a brand, “Do you use child labour?” and “Are the dyes used polluting the planet?” For big brands who are out of touch with their supply chain, or worse don’t give a shit, some of these questions cannot be answered. As a small brand we can and care to answer your questions about eco-friendly and ethical production. 

1. How are the towels made of plastic?
Innovations in textile production allows us to better reuse our waste and reduce raw material consumption. Today we can turn recycled plastics into yarn that’s woven into fabric to make other products. To watch the process check out this video by National Geographic, How plastic bottles are recycled into polyester.

2. How do you address microfiber pollution?
We haven’t developed our own solution to microfibre pollution. However we’ve talked with sustainability advocates including Patagonia who make a big effort in this area. If you’re concerned about microfibre pollution we recommend buying a Patagonia GuppyfriendIn the meantime, we’re working with other passionate people that care to find a better solution.  

3. Are the towels actually soft?
Yes! The fabric is soft, especially after using a small amount of fabric softener when washing your towel. Not as fluffy as the cotton towel but then cotton towels aren’t compact and fast drying like the eco towel. To decide for yourself shop here.

4. Do the towels actually dry fast?
Yes! Compared with cotton towels when you hang out the eco towel it dries quickly in direct sun and a little longer in the shade. And obviously when left wet and bunched up in your bag it will take longer to dry like anything wet and bunched up.

5. Why should I own an eco towel?
There are many reasons to get an eco towel. Our towels are soft, super absorbent, fast drying, compact and extremely versatile so can be used across many activities. Our towel is made of recycled plastics which means reduced raw material consumption. While being chemical-free means no harmful dyes enter our water systems and more importantly on your body. Read our post on Why our eco towel will change your life. 

We hope this information helps to address a few questions you may have about our eco towel. If there's something we missed or you would like more information please shout out and let us know! Contact us on, hi@brazenadventurer.com

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From, Team Brazen

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