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Based in Sydney, Australia, Brazen Adventurer brings you the eco towel for an adventurous life. Our travel-size towels are made of recycled BPA-free plastics and eco-friendly dyes. The Seeker collection is inspired by the earth. Elements of the world around us provide ceaseless inspiration, we’ve used this to design prints that transport you back to nature. This collection encompasses something for everyone, from intricate marble patterns to abstract linear landscapes.

Marble is a unique and precious stone made up of rock sediments that settle in layers over thousands of years. The colour variations and pattern formations found in marble reflect specific regions. In our marble prints we explore the colours and patterns of layered rock sediment to produce the marble effect.

Linear is an exploration into the abstract lines of the landscape around us. When we cast our eye over nature there emerges a multitude of patterns and lines unseen until we truly observe them. In our linear prints we use line to convey the landscape of mountains. 

Block uncovers the neutral hues of nature. Within the depths of the ocean and a landscape of mountainous glaciers we find natural tones that instil a sense of purity and depth of colour. In our block colours we use the rich tones of nature to create a towel of solid colour. 

Why our towels are so great
A towel that uses innovative fabric that's soft, light, super absorbent and fast drying, to save you time and effort. Because our eco towel is made ethically, when using a Brazen Adventurer towel you can have a positive impact daily.

Our eco towel is used by athletes, yogis, travellers, hipsters and people from all walks of life on their everyday adventures. So whether you’re running miles, going hard at the gym, unwinding in a yoga class, taking a weekend mini-break or a global trip of a lifetime the Brazen Adventurer towel has got your back! Shop now for your towel.

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