The difference between raging hippies and being eco-friendly

Hippies are known as free-spirited individuals who care about the environment, dress in second-hand clothes, are vegetarian or vegan and enjoy burning incense and the occasional protest. Though I do most of these things I also enjoy a stable job and brunch with friends on weekends. I’m not a raging hippy, it’s just that being eco-friendly is a big part of my life.

Being eco-friendly is about having empathy for people and the planet and prioritising actions that better care for our environment. If it's something you've thought about, think no more! Here are ten actions to get you started today:

  1. Reduce your consumption of clothes, you will save SO MUCH money
  2. Reduce your consumption of house items, you will save even more money
  3. Reduce buying packaged food, more fruit and vegetables make you healthy
  4. Recycle your packaged food products, we all have a recycling bin – use it
  5. Start a compost for food scraps, get a compost kit from a hardware store
  6. Start using the share economy e.g. carshare or public transport for travel
  7. Buy second-hand goods, save money buying quality second-hand anything
  8. Donate your belongings to charity, give quality items to charity to on-sell
  9. Plant a tree in your backyard, or maybe your local council has a program
  10. Go outside and enjoy nature, remember nature? It’s good for your you!

Even doing one or three of these actions will help you get into the mindset of being eco-friendly. By being conscious of the impact we have on our environment we can develop better habits over time. My motivation to be eco-friendly stems from a deep care for my family and friends who are part of the ecosystem we all live in. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we’re all connected and being eco-friendly helps to better care for the ecosystem.

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From, Fallen@brazenadventurer

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