A good-looking eco towel for all your adventures

The Seeker Collection is inspired by the earth, with prints designed to transport you back to nature. Our eco towels use innovative fabric, that's soft, light, super absorbent and fast drying, to save you time and effort. Because our eco towel is made ethically, when using a Brazen Adventurer towel you can have a positive impact daily.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Brazen Adventurer brings you the eco towel for an active life. Our travel-size towels are made of recycled BPA-free plastics and eco-friendly dyes. We support ethical fashion by sourcing from companies that provide fair work wages and a safe place to work. Founder and designer Fallen Guthrie has redesigned the humble towel into an inspiring everyday item. 

So whether you’re running miles, going hard at the gym, unwinding in a yoga class, taking a weekend mini-break or a global trip of a lifetime the Brazen Adventurer towel has got your back! To grab your eco-towel shop now.

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